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Community of Communities Network

The cornerstone of NEXUS4hange is the Community of Communities Network of organizations and Practitioners, Leaders, Scholars, and Activists interested in the tools and methods of Collaborative Change. Make New Friends and Get Involved by connecting with the NEXUS4change team and other members of this rich and diverse community. Join us also at our Regional Exchanges, International Conferences and Events. Become part of the Expert directory, discussion groups, and the meaningful NEXUS membership benefits we are developing.


Curated Leading-Edge Content

See what Thought Leaders are talking about, find the Best Collection of Curated Resource Materials and read the Definitive Resource on Today’s Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems:  The Change Handbook, with 60+ methods and tools for Collaborative Change in its upcoming 3RD EDITION.  Our library features a Webinar Archive, White Papers and new additional resources we working to develop to become your one stop information hub for Collaborative Change.  


Talent Development & Training

Whether you want to attend Short & Sweet Learning Events, Gain Practical Tools, have training Brought to You through online media, or become a Valued Member of the “C” Suite; NEXUS for Change offers a wide range of webinars, online training courses, in-person workshops and certification programs in collaborative change.  Participation in NEXUS4change webinars is always free of charge.  Please check back often for new and updated offerings.  



Consulting, Facilitation, & Coaching Services

Is your organization in need of change? At NEXUS for Change we are strongly committed to using a cutting-edge approach that inspires innovative solutions and collaborative strategy creation. NEXUS4change experts and the NEXUS4change team have an excellent track record of success because our approach to collaborative change is evidence-based. We offer, Consulting: Implement Amazing Large Scale Change Initiatives; Facilitation: Hold High Impact Collaborative Change Events; & Coaching: Be a Great Change Leader.