meet the NEXUS for Change team

The Nexus for Change team is built on the wisdom and knowledge of Collaborative Change and the rich experience of its senior consultants, educators & practitioners. 


Steve Cady, PhD - CEO & Princinple Consultant

... is strongly committed to using cutting-edge approaches that inspire system-wide change in organizations, by pursuing research and practice that unleashes passion at the individual and whole system levels. Steve is a Graduate Faculty member at Bowling Green State University where he served as the Director of the Master of Organization Development Program and Director of the Institute for Organizational Effectiveness. He has also served as the Chief Editor for the Organization Development Journal. 


C. Theodor Stiegler, MOD - Operations & Branding

... is following his passion for community building by throwing his creative and organizing talents into the diverse mix of skills and expertise that makes up the NEXUS for Change team.  With varied experience working for governmental agencies and the global non-profit World Vision, Theo has worked in advocacy, arts management, trauma informed care, writing, editing, & translating and for diverse OD & Change Management projects. 



Deborah Nystrom, MA - Senior Consultant

... creates data-driven people energy for sustainable change using rich expertise in large group methods that energize & maximize the strengths that bring new life to client's resources.  Deb also adds extensive knowledge and experience in process facilitation & leadership coaching to the NEXUS team with 22 intraprenurial years of experience in business, higher education & non-profit work, specializing in business development, OD & process consulting, including a role as an OD practice lead. 

Tory Thompson, MOD - Consultant

... has a professional history in advocacy that has channelled into consulting services to divers organizations in leading cultural changes, strategic planning, as well as leadership retreats & initiatives. With a background in psychology and disability studies, Tory grew into a passion for engagement and community collaboration. She now uses her experience to leverage the mission and vision of Nexus for Change by enabling clients to develop collaborative stakeholder communities of change within their organization.    

Kim Barker PhD - Training Manager 

... is leveraging her passion for teaching, learning, Organization Development and Advocacy as the Training Manager at NEXUS4change.  She is a Scholar-Practitioner with experience in HR [5 years], Commercial Banking [10 years], and Hospital Administration [15+].  Her research interests include:  Global OD, Cultural Competence and Dilemma Reconciliation, Conflict Resolution, Gender Equality in Organizations, Measuring Employee/Customer Satisfaction, Business Communication, & Change and Compassionate-Lean Leadership.

Rick Fenwick

Christopher Simon, MOD - Collaborative Arts, Graphic Recorder

... discovered his passion for Collaborative and Facilitative Arts while completing the Executive Master of Organization Development degree at BGSU.  With a diverse hands-on background in construction and facilities management, Chris also brings his executive coaching and process improvement skills to the NEXUS team. Check out his Graphic Recording-Portfolio @